Pachypodiums: baronii, horombense
April 14. 2004
Pachypodium baronii
I also grew baronii from seed, along with
succulentum. Two years ago it finally flowered in Spring. In May I had placed the plant outside along with the others. Unfortunately, as it happens in my yard many times, a Squirrel had dumped the plant on the floor, the pot broke and the flowering tip had snapped off. I had tried without success to root the broken piece. But the plant recovered, the top healed and it is flowering again.

This Spring my plants will be very happy to move into their "Summer palace",  a 10 x 30 feet all around  tightly screened room in our backyard.
No more Squirrel and Bunny munchies!!! 
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I bought this Pachypodium as an untagged seedling several years ago at the Philadelphia Flower Show. As the plant grew, I always thought it was (also) Pachypodium densiflorum, since the spines and leaves look very similar.
This year it flowered and it doesn't look at all like densiflorum. The buds took a long time to mature and grew much larger than expected. The very showy flowers are about double the size of Adenium obesum flowers. and they are lemon yellow with a very faint greenish tint.
I spent the last few days looking at just about every Pachypodium flower on the internet (so it seems). I think what I have here, is P. horombense.
Jerry Wright/ Fatplant expert agrees. Thank you for checking, Jerry

And to aid in identification, here are two close ups. (Besides, I took a ton of pictures.)
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