Pachypodiums:   densiflorum, succulentum
April 8. 2004
Pachypodium succulentum
I started this plant from seed about 20 years ago and somewhere inbetween I lost the tag. I alway thought it was either succulentum or bispinosum. This year it finally flowered and could be identified.  It is indeed succulentum.
The plant has a small caudex and skinny stems which leaf out a bit more in Summer. It is not a striking specimen, but the ca. one inch flowers with their little paintbrush strokes are cute.

Years ago I raised the root above the soil level.
The flowers are four and five petaled here?? See close up below! The four petaled flower on the right is a mistake!?
Pachypodium densiflorum.
This densiflorum flowered for the first time in Summer 2000, see link.

Lately my Pachypodiums have adjusted to definite growing seasons. They leaf out in Summer outside, some actually turn into beautiful bushy plants. In Fall they return to their sunny location high up in the greenhouse, where they slowly drop their leaves. At that time I only water sparingly. In late Winter they start budding and also new leaves emerge.
And a close up of the bright Buttercup-yellow flowers below
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