(Disocactus phyllanthoides syn. Nopalxochia phyllanthoides)
aka Deutsche Kaiserin

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May 1. 2003
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Masd. Canary X Angel Tang
One of the pretty "gems", this is a first flower under my growing conditions. It loves rain water.
Masd. herradurae
It is a warmth tolerant species.
This is one of the weird bloomers. The plant also seems to thrive on being sprayed daily with rain water
Space aliens...
Ascocentrum miniatum
I bought the plant in spike this year at the New York Orchid show in April 2003. This picture doesn't do it justice, the flowers have a beautiful golden glow, especially in the afternoon sun.
May 24. 2005 
update on Masd. herradurae
If  kept too shady, it will drop its leaves. Below's pictures show the plant  with a second flush of flowers this season.
May 24. 2005
Update on Ascocentrum miniatum -
I had bought this plant as Ascocentrum miniatum. It has come to my attention that this may not be Ascocentrum miniatum, but should perhaps have been tagged as Ascocentrum garayi.
I don't remember the vendor where I bought the plant, so I don't have any clue to the true origin of the plant, but miniatum, garayi and aurantiacum subsp. philppinense all come into consideration.

The pictures below were taken at different stages of spike development and at different times of day. The golden-orange hue is pretty and is different in the sunshine or in the shade.