April 7./8. 2002   update
Walking into the greenhouse, looking to the right.
The Passiflora found its way around the door. (see background, view from the inside)
straight view from the door
Beautiful Iwanagaara Appleblossom
(Dialaelia Snowflake x Blc Orange Nugget)

There was no need to stake the flowers this year, the extra light helped to grow sturdy spikes. A few times it looked like some of the buds wouldn't make it, since they turned very yellow. Luckily, they did open. As this picture shows, new flowers are quite yellow, then taking on the pretty blush of the mature flowers.
(Later remark - the yellowish buds are due to the Blc Orange Nuggett)
Epi. Hokulea  'Lava Flow'  The nice new red clusters are now flowering at about two meters height. The plant stands next to the sliding door, in slightly cooler surrounding, in full sun.
Walking the other day into Metropolitan Plant Exchange, looking up, there were rows of these beautiful Epiphyllums in three different basket sizes. The gorgeous view made your heart jump!
No way was I able to walk out of that store without a small basket in my hand. Here it is, looking pretty!
Nov. 2002 - this Epiphyllum was identified as: Disocactus phyllanthoides aka 'Deutsche Kaiserin', syn. Nopalxochia phyllanthoides.
This is a grouping of my Euphorbia x lomi -Thai giants. They came nicely through the winter. Normally they are placed high on shelves against the house wall. The smaller one front right is a different hybrid, called 'Desert Fiesta'
(The white one is being treated for white flies, that is why I had to buy the Safer's soap and also had a new Epiphyllum following me home.
Placed high on the upper shelves, some of the plants which have not flowered for me yet. Rhyncholaelia digbyana and Cattleya skinneri 'alba'. Perhaps this Summer?
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Epi Hokulea 'Lava Flow' and Den parishii
Ascocenda Fuchs Joy
purchased last Summer, this is the first flowering for me