March Orchids
Epi. Hokulea 'Lava Flow'
(Joseph Lii X cinnabarinum)
March 11. 2000
Total height of the tall spike, measured from bottom of flower pot to top of flowers: 6 foot
See close ups  below
Baptistonia echinata 'Killer Bee'
March 16. 2000
mini swarm emerging  from a diminutive plant
March 18. 2000      filling out nicely
The 'Lava Flow' was placed in the beginning of May 00  in a sheltered spot outside, where it continued to flower  and even produce new buds during the next months.
I posted photos of these beautiful red clusters on the
July page
May 2001   'Lava Flow' update:
This plant has been flowering continously since last March. As it is flowering on a previous spike, new canes grow and mature. At the moment, two red clusters flower happily along. The plant gets watered a lot (switching to wick-watering, when we are on vacation, this method works well) and takes the usual blossom booster. Morning sun and additional light from a Grow-lamp seems to be sufficient.

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