July Orchids

Encyclia lancifolia
July 17.2000                                                                    July 24.00

It was happily flowering outside. I brought it inside to enjoy the nicely scented  flowers in the evening. (hint of carnations)

Epidendrum Hokulea 'Lava Flow'     see Orchid page from March
This is still the same plant,  flowering on those very same clusters as it did in  March. It is spending the summer outside in a sheltered spot.
July 2000

View from kitchen door

close up July 19.00

Pleurothallis schiedei
July 2000
P. schiedei flowers pretty much year around,  taking short breaks only once in a while. The small flowers are really cute, having  little threads wiggling in the breeze. Outside in summer, tiny flies are usually buzzing around them.