Scadoxus or Haemanthus???

This was given to me as an unidentified bulb. It flowered last Summer, then grew huge leaves and went dormant in January. This Spring it woke up again. The showy firecracker-cluster measures about 8 inches in diameter.
Reading up on it, I am leaning towards Scadoxus multiflorus. The bulb is smooth, not scaly, but perhaps I need to wait for another good look at the leaf arrangement?
And it needs to be repotted.....
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June 15. 2004
Passiflora coriacea - Batwing Passionflower
The flowers are really cute, they are just perfect little gems. measuring about one inch.
I had bought a still fairly small, but healthy plant from
Logees this Spring ( amongst other fun stuff) and it took off right after repotting to the next size pot as they recommend.
And another picture showing the interesting leaves and flowers -