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Orbea variegata
Orbea (Stapelia) mutabilis
Orbeopsis melanantha
These members of the Asclepiadaceae have really interesting  flowers. They are striped, solid, dotted, mottled, hairy, in gorgeous rich shades of purple and flesh colors (beige, cream, yellow), looking to attract carrion flies, which pollinates them. That includes resembling something that died in the desert and a scent like rotten meat.

Some cultural points:
Grow in a sunny location during the winter months at average room temperatures. During the summer months they seem to prefer some protection from hot noon time sun. At any time of the year, overwatering coupled with cool temperatures  and Mealybugs can create problems.
Stapelia hirsuta October 14. 1999
Stapelia hirsuta 2000
Huernia macrocarpa var. penziggii
July 2000
Established clump of  cristated Huernia  in  the company of Stapelia hirsuta and various Haworthias.
(A community pot was set up a few years ago to save small pieces of succulents in my collection from "extinction". The individual plants seem to thrive in this somewhat crowded arrangement.)
Stapelia gigantea
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