NE Pennsylvania - Lackawanna County
Cypripedium acaule
Searching our woods for the pretty pink flowers of the acaules usually starts around the 20. of May. The plants grow under Beeches and Maples - near Pines or Hemlocks and flower together  with the wild Lily of the Valley to the middle of June. They are not always easy to spot between ferns and wildflowers and  it is always exciting to discover them.
The "group" photos were taken around  Memorial Day 1999. The growing conditions for this year were among the best. Most of the stands had several clusters of plants in flower.
June 20.1999
We found another major Cyp.acaule patch in our woods.
Here is one of the clusters from that site, some of the plants are now in pod.
It was a great 'acaule year'!
follow this link to flowering Cyp. acaule from May 2000