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And, just in case you are not tired of seeing another picture, here are the flowers a few days later, they have grown a little more and the blue color has intensified. 
May 23. 2005
Vanda Sansai Blue
This plant was purchased in September 2004 from Natt's Orchids at the Orchid Fest in Chicago.
I just loved the beautiful blue flowers on this Vanda and they even lasted through the car ride back to NJ.
It spiked during the Winter in the greenhouse, but all flowers aborted, except the very last one. This Spring to my delight it spiked again!! This time, listening to good advice from a Vanda expert, I tried to provide more humidity. Although I had flooded the plant twice a day with rainwater, perhaps moisture didn't stay around long enough under the bright and sunny conditions during the Winter.
If you look at the picture to the left,  I placed a Coleus 'Kiwi fern' and a Rabbits-foot fern on a tray underneath the plant.
The roots dangle into those and stay longer moist. Also, not visible in this picture, I had the
Dendrobium primulinum placed above it. This time all flowers made it.
The flowers once open, still grow for a few days in size. The color starts out a slightly lighter blue and then deepens to a nice shade.

See below for more pictures and close up.

(The red flowering vandaceous Orchid is Ascocenda Fuchs Joy, showing off a second time this indoor season.)
Also flowering are Dendrobium aggregatum and a small Barkeria spectabilis