May 2007  and into early June

Vanda Sansai Blue 3N

We bought this gorgeous Vanda from Hausermann at the Orchid Fest in September 2005. It was a beautiful plant mounted to a large bark, and there was a chance that it had started to produce a tiny beginning of a spike. That turned out to be vegetative and grew into another large plant on top of the older plant over the course of the months.

In this picture one can see the change in direction of growth -  lots of roots appeared right at that junction in addition to good all-over growth.

A year and a half later -
In the Spring the nice and healthy upper plant produced two gorgeous spikes

a closer look at the flowers

and in different light -

And the whole plant

At this time in May I started to clear out the greenhouse, since I move all my plants outside for the Summer. The gorgeous and large flowers shine like a bright blue beacon and could be seen straight across the yard from the kitchen window.

Here are some more pics showing this Sansai Blue in the cage:

open door  and more