August 27.2000

back: Gymnocalycium denudatum     Ariocarpus fissuratus      Gymnocalycium saglione
                         (has not flowered yet)    (on the right with pink flowers)
The G. saglione is flowering this year for the first time. The spines are a very showy red, when wet.
front left:
Gymnocalycium ragonesii ( double cactus, it flowers white), then G. mihanovichii (reddish cactus)
The "shrubbery" in the center with the pretty caudex is Trichodiadema, see below.
The small pots in front are Ariocarpus. The tiny one on the left has already its very
own page.
Despite the small size it has flowered  several times since I purchased it last summer. ( Haage/ Erfurt)

could be T. bulbosum or barbatum