August 20. 2007
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I had bought a bunch of small pieces of Succulents at the moving sale of Shoalcreek Succulents a couple of years ago. Most were initially slow to establish and some of them are still difficult to grow around here. ( A good fungicide is essential), but there are some happy success stories.

Huernia kennedyana x Stapelianthus arenarius surprised me yesterday with a very cute flower, about one inch in size.

Frerea indica is an easier grower. This is Frerea indica x Caralluma europaea

I had picked up a nice basket of Huernia zebrina at the Parkside Orchid Fest in July 2006. It is well established and year around in bloom.

And here is the plant -

Staparesia meintjesii - it is always a a treat to see this one in bloom.

Stapelia gigantea - I had moved a few pieces a couple of years ago into a fast draining metal basket. Here is the plant flowering in the cage.

Orbea variegata flowering on the deck

Orbea variegata flower

and an Orbea triplet