August 19. 2007

Stanhopea wardii
 - one of my big favorites. I almost lost it a few years ago, it dropped just about every leaf. I suspected a fungal attack and soaked the whole plant with triple action Bayers Advanced Rose and Flower care. It worked, the plant added tremendous growth the next couple of years, only producing one or two spikes in late Summer.
This year it is exploding with 12 spikes, which just keep coming. A few had to be dislodged from the top of the pseudo bulb clump, but most made it through just fine.
The flowers are strongly scented, a beautiful floral scent with a camphor/ eucalyptus base comes close. The flowers last only ca. three days, but I can look forwards to lots more as these numerous spikes come into bloom. As I am typing this, three spikes are flowering simultaneously.
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At this point one spike was done, the second spike was flowering already for a day and the third was in the process of flipping flower parts.

This time I had to take a view from the bottom upwards

update on the spikes

 - and this is the plant Sept. 2. 2007.  I was hoping the reminder of the spikes would be flowering together, but since they are only good for 3 days, I can look forward to another 2 spikes opening.