Platycerium bifurcatum 

This Staghorn fern is 29 years old. It was a housewarming gift, a tiny little plant with two small fronds about five inches long. It grew and grew over the years, spending the summers outside and the indoor season hanging in a bright corner in the living room.
I never let the plant dry out. Indoor watering was accomplished with lots of towels underneath. One can carefully pour into the center of the plant about two liters before the water starts dripping.
This fall it had managed to outgrow its usual indoor spot. So, we placed it into my knitting room, which it is filling out nicely - see below. Forget sitting on my knitting machine, I am squeezed out. 
It is time to look for more spacious quarters.

October 14. 2000
The photo below shows a young man carrying the large fern to the van. It is on its way to a large greenhouse.

This was last year's attempt of a prune job. Some of the pieces are starting to take off. Only another 28 years to go??

Within 2 years the plant was almost the same size as its mother plant and I found a good home for it too. It seems those cuttings grew way faster than the seedling.