October 24. 2005
Sigmatostalix radicans   or  Ornithophora radicans
We picked up a small plant at the 2004 Orchid Fest in Chicago. It was flowering then and the  diminutive flowers were very fragrant.
Picking up a Coconut during the Winter, I decided that this cute little plant might do very well in a half shell. Holes for drainage were drilled at the bottom and two holes at the sides to thread a hanger. Potting medium was chopped Sphagnum moss and finer grade commercial potting mix.
The little plant had no trouble adapting to its new home, it added lots of new growth over the Summer.
Last week the delicate sprays started to open. The flowers are very cute and measure about one cm. The pretty fragrance is a true bonus.

Some cultural notes: I watered every day with rainwater and fertilized along with my other plants, usually weekly over the Summer outside. As the new growth matured, I moved the coconut shell into a very sunny location, the plant didn't object to full sun at all during August - into the middle of September.
See the plant in its shell and close ups below.
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