Cymbidium Showgirl  'Malibu'

January 18. 2006
At this point I would like to say Good Bye to an old friend - my Cymbidium Showgirl ( and here). We enjoyed her gorgeous flowers for many many years. She was a beauty!
Unfortunately the last couple of years I had to keep her separate from all other plants because of a persistent scale problem. (White powdery deposits, starting as a few white dots on leaves and spreading quickly deep into the "pseudobulb-layers", I believe this to be Boisduval scale?)
Last Spring I tried again. I removed the plant from the pot and cleaned all dead plant material from older pseudobulbs, shook off old bark, soaked the whole plant in Orthene solution for a few hours, gave the plant another clean up and then repotted into brand new pot and medium.  Showgirl produced new growth after that during the Summer months outside but was "under probation" and  kept isolated. Unfortunately along with two spikes the scale problem re-emerged. With a very big sigh and a mental apology I disposed of the plant.
Since I enjoyed this particular plant so much, I just had to buy another Showgirl. Last Spring I came across Showgirl 'Malibu' browsing the Santa Barbara Orchids website. This miniature Cymbidium is also warmth tolerant and it produced one cute spike on a very small plant already this season.

Here is 'Malibu' -
and in the greenhouse - because I had staked the spike too late, the flower orientation is slightly off.
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