This Datura  ( species?)
is flowering well this year. A very hot summer and lots of fertilizer turned this plant into large bushes in front of the house.
It is hardy in zone 6b.
I picked up the pretty Stapelia flavopurpurea ( amongst other goodies) in July.  It came from Jerry Barad's wonderful and fascinating greenhouse, where he grows an amazing collection of Cacti and Succulents. Stapeliads are one of his many specialties.
And a better look at the flower -
September 7. 2005
August 2006
Update on Stapelia flavopurpurea
This plant is flowering really nicely this month. The other day the front of the house smelled like somebody had baked Springerle, which is a type of a German Anise cookie. I followed the scent and to my amazement it emanated from the Stapelia flowers. It sure is a far cry from the other Stapelia smells.