September 4. 2002
Cymbidium Golden Elf  -
(Cym ensifolium X Enid Haupt)
a very cute miniature warmth tolerant Cymbidium.  I bought the plant in July with three decent spikes. The plant flowered nicely and then  developed three more spikes outside in our backyard. Temperatures were mostly above 90 degrees Fahrenheit all through August. No problem for this plant!
The flowers have a pretty floral scent.
Euphorbia X lomi, Jatropha podagrica, Adenium obesum, Rosemary and others are enjoying the Summer outside. Especially the lomis/Thai Giant Crown of Thorns are flowering in large clusters and putting on a nice display.
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
The E. oxypetalum have been flowering this Summer in several "waves". A couple of weeks ago this plant had 6 flowers and the next evening 9 more flowers opened. We never tire going into the backyard with a flashlight, enjoying the show and the beautiful scent.
This picture was taken around 7 pm on the second evening. The flowers from the night before are hanging down.
This picture was taken around 10 pm
and below - fully open
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