September 10. 2007
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Platystele stenostachya and unidentified fungus?

I bought the plant from Andy's Orchids at the GNYOS this April. It spent the warm NJ Summer outside in the cage under the Japanese Maple,
getting flooded daily.

Starting a flowering cycle, the little spikes are numerous.


A closer look at the little spikes

The flowers are tiny, measuring only 1 x 2 mm


When I bought the plant I was also intrigued by another interesting growth on the log, emerging from some of the Moss covering.

I tried to take some better close up of these protuberances in the hope of getting them identified. They are certainly not dried up pseudobulbs
 of a hitchiker Orchid.

Here are some juveniles -

- and some sliced growth, which smell strongly of mushrooms.

Any ideas?? My first thought had been a Lichen, but I can't match it up. Any type of Fungus? The mature growths measure about 1/2 of an inch.

December 2007
I had posted some of these pictures on Dave's Garden at the Ferns, Fungi and Mosses forum. It seems to belong to the Xylaria, a genus of ascomycetous fungi. Thanks DG!!

And here is the still flowering plant in December 2007, it is a cutie!!