February 9. 2006

Platystele umbellata
Lepanthes calodyction

We picked up these two tiny gems last year at the Orchid Fest in Chicago. Since the Lepanthes is usually sold to grow in a hanging glass bulb, I potted both of these plants together into this cut-glass ashtray in Sphagnum moss. I placed them together with Masdevallias, Pleurothallis and other little gems, spraying every day over the glass with my rainwater sprayer, making sure the moss always stays most, but not soggy.
To my surprise I noticed two minute spikes the other day, one was showing the developing umbel!
left -
a closer look at the budding umbel

below - the little buds are in the process of opening, I tried to get a few close ups.
Also, I noticed a third spike - to the left !!
Note the penny as size comparison, each individual flower measures barely more than a mm.
We watch the progress through a 10x magnifying glass, this is a true charmer!
Very cute!!
The flowers ARE fuzzy, in addition to the somewhat fuzzy pics. Little hairs are visible around the edges of petals and sepals.
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A few days later another try to get a clearer picture -
Feb 18.  And yet another try with a different camera