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September 2004 at the Orchid Fest in Chicago
The young man to the left is Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited, posing kindly for me with their famous hybrid, the
Phragmipedium Jason Fischer (4N).
At that point he had two plants left and I bought one of them.
Jerry Lee Fischer of Orchids Limited created this exciting Phrag besseae hybrid and named it after his son Jason.
At the Orchid Fest Jason Fischer had even signed the tag for me!! (see below)

The plant spent this Summer on the deck together with the blooming  Sorcerer's Apprentice under a light shade cover. Both Phrags were placed into saucers and watered daily.

In early October 2005, back in the greenhouse,
the plant showed
a nice spike,
but it took a few more weeks for the first flower to open up.
The bright red, very cute flower measures almost three and a half inches. More buds are in the works.

Here is the plant in flower on November 2. 2005
I took lots of close ups, see below  a small sampling-
with flash:
and without flash:
November 18.2005
The picture below shows the second flower in the morning sunshine. More buds are forming.
This flower is a bit redder than the first one , lower temperatures are surely the reason for that.