This quite large Snapping Turtle ( length of carapace measures about one foot) decided that it likes our pond and calls it now its home. We think it occupied the former Muskrat burrow under a couple of small Maples right at the edge of the pond.
Most of the time it sleeps there with parts of the body and the tail buried in the mud. Once in a while one hears a loud splash and woosh and after a while one can see the triangular nose sticking out at the middle of the pond. The Sunnies in the pond ( Lepomis gibbosus) don't seem to mind, they eye the lazy fellow up-close. It doesn't get bothered by our presence either.
End of May 2005
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Walking through the woods is always fun, lots of wildflowers are in bloom.

This is Tiarella cordifolia.
We always check on our Bead Lily patch. ( Clintonia borealis)
and there are Cypripedium acaule and lots of Podophyllum peltatum along the way...