August 30. 2006

Pecteilis sagarikii
I have been trying for almost two years to grow this plant from a corm, after we had seen it flowering at Hoosier Orchids. I thought they were adorable with their little duck-face flowers.
The first corm I tried to grow started to sprout nicely, but water must have gotten into the center of the new growth and I lost this one to rot.
We found more corms last September at the Orchid Fest in Chicago. By Spring two of them started to show a green curly tip and little roots grew into the Sphagnum moss. So far so good! Unfortunately birds took a liking to the Sphagnum moss and pulled the little pot apart. One corm broke, but the other one survived the attack and is still growing, albeit very slowly. ( Surely there is somewhere nearby a nice and soft, moss-lined bird's nest)

A few weeks ago, milling about at the Parkside Orchid Fest, I spotted some Pecteilis sagarikii leafed out and in bud at one of the vendors. My heart skipped a beat and I picked up two plants. Here is now one of them flowering.

Hopefully I can regrow those for next years' flowers..... in the meanwhile I do hope my little sprouting corm also makes it to the flowering stage.
Aren't they the cutest little Ducks?

quack quack!
I took this picture a day earlier when the second bud just started to open. It shows a different angle of the flowers.
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