Another Platanthera
May 2001
Many years ago we found one interesting leaf growing in our forest at the foot of a tree. It looked almost like a Bead Lily (Clintonia). We tracked this single leaf plant for three years, hoping to be able to identify it.
May 24. 1997
Fourth year:
To our delight we found two leaves and a beautiful spike!
This is the scene on June 21.1997
Looking closely, the plant was mostly eaten and the spike almost gone too.
Too many Deer!!!
The picture is a bit fuzzy but the remnant of the spike is still visible.
July 2. 1997
Four flowers managed to open up, two dropped almost immediately. The remaining flowers enabled us to make a rough identification -
This is probably
Platanthera macrophylla or Platanthera orbiculata.
Every year we came back to the same spot, checking for new leaves, nothing!! We combed the whole neighborhood for similar leaves, nothing!
Then, this year, May 27. 2001 we found again one small leaf in the same spot!  This time we protected it with a cage.
This is the leaf next to a smaller leaf of wild Lily of the valley
As comparison, those are the leaves of the
Bead Lily (Clintonia borealis) in May
It took four years for the plant to rebound sufficiently to send up another leaf. How many years do we have to wait to see it in flower again?
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