Oncidium Mendenhall 'Giant'      July 22/23. 2004
I bought the Onc Mendenhall 'Giant' in Spring from Odom's Orchids. It had a small spike. For quite a while it simply sat there and the spike didn't progress much. I moved the plant outside in May and the spike had a scale attack. It was not a happy Orchid! I cleaned it up, moved it to a larger pot into bark. It started to look better, the last leaf grew and the spike shot up to about three feet with a bud forming at the very tip.
I think this Orchid has a sense of humor? At first the very pretty colorful flower cranes its neck to tower over the other plants in its surrounding.
Then, observed from the side it tries to look like a large flying insect. It this wasn't enough - take a look below at the close up. Which pollinator isn't afraid of "Killer Clown from outer space??
Here is the happy flower.
And the sideways view, bzzzzz
and the close up!!!!!
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