Greenhouse update
October 7. 2001
Euphorbia x lomi
If these plants are "Good Luck Plants" then I am surely lucky! They seem to enjoy the bright sunny conditions in the greenhouse.
Pleurothallis tribuloides
the small plant is loaded with tiny flowers resembling cooked lobster claws
link to close up of flower
which Huernia ?
The small flowers are about the size of one inch. This is the sort of plant one finds in the form of small cuttings in most nurseries in the cactus section or at flower shows.
Somebody told me this was Huernia zebrina. Since
this is Huernia zebrina I need to check the id this plant.
At the moment most of the fall flowering Cattleyas are getting ready, their sheaths are filling out. Some - Lc. Mini Purple 'Blue' and one of the pots of the  C. bicolor (cross?) - are already flowering. The Stanhopea wardii is growing 4! spikes after having bloomed at the beginning of September. The Angraecum sesquipedale is in full flower and filling the living room with its scent, looking for that very special moth.
So far the plants are doing fine in their new home.
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