October 14. 2005
Some Stapeliads in flower now - back in the greenhouse

Orbea longidens
The plant had colored up really nicely during our sunny and hot Summer but now seem to revert back to a more greenish appearance after eight days of rain/shade in a row in the greenhouse.
and another look -
Frerea indica,
this is a small plant which I had gotten this Summer from Shoalcreek Succulents. It is an unusual Stapeliad since it has true leaves. It seems to be easy to grow, a broken off piece rooted very quickly and flowered.
The flowers measure a little more than one cm.
Here are two unidentified Stapeliads, the first one below is surely not gigantea, the flowers are smaller and more reddish, perhaps it is a var. of Stapelia grandiflora??
Here is the second Stapelia noid. There seems to be a huge variability in these plants, could it be
Stapelia asterias? It is pretty!
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