October 2002
Orchid corner
The so called "Lerner Orchid" is at it again, right on schedule - at the end of October, in the company of the Burmese lion.
Five flowers and one more spike in the works.
Stanhopea wardii started to flower in the beginning of September while still hanging outside under the Dogwood tree.
The following three good size spikes were forming in the greenhouse later in September. Unfortunately all three, which were timed to bloom  together, matured  to the point where the individual buds started to separate and then fell victim to a very hot sunny day. ( I think they got cooked) Here is the next spike having ten pretty flowers which had developed in a more protected spot and were watered copiously twice daily. Two more spikes are starting.
This plant really needs some cover when temperatures climb into the nineties.
Stenoglottis longifolia

I tried to get a decent close up of the tiny flowers, it was not so easy. The plant is now flowering for several weeks,  the little fringed flowers are very cute.
This plant was purchased from "Orchid Art" at the NJ Orchid Show in September.
I actually held a 10X magnifying glass in front of the Camera when I took the picture on the left.