October in the greenhouse:
This is the time when the Fall flowering Cattleyas start to put on a show after spending the Summer outside.
The beautiful Lc ( ? called it "Lerner Orchid") is again filling the greenhouse with a pretty scent. Two of the spikes opened this week, four more late-comers are playing catch up. See the close up of the pretty flowers below.
Also flowering are
Blc Dennis Kone and C. Chocolate drop Kodama and the Blc Copper Queen is still going strong.
Vanda coerulea -
picked up from Andy's Orchids in spike at the September 2005 Orchid Fest in Chicago. A delicate beauty!!

(Expired outside in the Spring of 2006. )
Paph Joyce Hasegawa  ( emersonii x delenatii)
Also picked up in bud from Fox Valley at the Orchid Fest. Although this is a very pretty and good size flower, it is not very even and the stem developed quite crooked. As the bud developed, I could observe the heliotrope behavior of this plant. I thought the spike must twist itself off after days of following the sun in the greenhouse! I don't think I have ever observed a Paph doing that.
The flowers have a light, but delicious scent of Bitter Almond. ( Noticed after the second bud had opened.)
July 19.07 The plant produced another nice flower, again twisting around but looking pretty, and again slightly floppy. Sniffing it, I detect this year also a bit of Anise and a tiny touch of Spearmint. It is a very nicely scented Paph.
Gastrochilus japonicus
We did well in Chicago!!!
This adorable little charmer came from Oak Hill Garden.
I took this picture under artificial light, the green is not quite as pronounced.
Can't you just get the pretty scent into your nose by looking at this?
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