More October 2006 flowers, a walk-in at the end of October:

The red Ascda Bicentennial,  Ascda. Ramindra Gold x Ascda Fortune East, V. SanSai Blue 'Acker's Pride', Blc Copper Queen
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Dendrochilum magnum with its fresh and green scent.
It flowered all through the month of October.
Oct. 7. 2006
Pleurothallis strupifolia

Interesting plant with fun flowers. They look a bit like purple wood shavings sticking out their tongues?

Take a look at the close ups below.

Conditions were:
Good bright light/some afternoon sun during the Summer outside and also bright light in the greenhouse now. Rainwater daily!
Ceropegia ampliata
this one took finally off this Summer and produced long skinny runners, which then turned upwards at the tips and started spiraling, using  a neighboring shoot as support.

I missed the main flowering event. I saw the spent flowers on the floor coming back from vacation at the end of September.
These were the very last flowers, I could just get a quick picture and that was it for the season.

Huernia keniensis
below -
this was part of the shoalcreeksucculent special sale last year, starting out with a small rooted cutting. This is a first time flower for me.