October 2006
Ascda Yellow Brick Road   (Ascda Ram Indra Gold x Ascda Fortune East)
Purchased from Natt's Orchids at the Chicago Orchid Fest in 2004. It spiked at the end of last Summer, but unfortunately the spike aborted. This year it made it!!
I took these pictures around the 24. of Oct., in the meanwhile the spike is fully open and very pretty.
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Close up after watering -
The beautiful blue Vanda is V. Sansai Blue 'Acker's Pride'. The flowers have not fully developed yet, but the spike is already gorgeous.
I bought the plant in spike from RF Orchids at the beginning of September.
Aerangis articulata -

amazingly the plant started to spike about one and a half years ago. It took that long for the buds to appear and to open. The flowers are very prettily scented.

The plant came from Parkside.