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Bulbophyllum alagense ( small form) grew well over the Summer outside.
Lots of small cute little "beaks" are being produced.

Bc Binosa 'Tetraploid'  ( and Cym Golden Elf)

Blc George King 'Serendipity' - beautifully scented,  sweet Pina Colada comes close.

Cattleya noid. This was amongst my earliest purchases many years ago and it flowers like clockwork every Fall. Very pretty scent.
January 9th 2009 - I learned that this beautiful old Cattleya might be C. Bow Bells. Also under consideration were C. Bob Betts and Empress Bells.

Cattleya bicolor subsp brasiliensis

Ctna Why Not
 - needs to be divided. This is a rather large plant growing in two directions, it is flowering almost year around.

Cym Golden Elf x Cym iridifolium
strongly scented - Dill pickles? Three long lasting spikes this season

Cymbidium noid from MPE a few years ago
This Cymbidium has long slender leaves and tall spikes.

Cym Golden Elf