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November  4. 2003

Ceratostylis rubra

This little Orchid flowers on and off throughout the year. It is always nice to see these ca. one inch sparkling flowers  popping up in small clusters, lasting a few days.
I water this "plant on a stick" ( from Andy's Orchids) twice a day and keep it in a bright location.

See the close up below:
It really does sparkle like that in the sun.
Dischidia pectinoides
This is a strange vining succulent, flowering all Summer and into Fall. The tiny red flowers never open up. I always looked upon the funny "pillows" as seed pods. Not so - lately I have had masses of seeds all over the place blowing away from this pot with the fat pillows still intact. Upon closer inspection I noticed some almost ripe seed pods with remnants of the tiny flowers still stuck to the tip of the long skinny pod, as visible in the left picture. Also, the plant shows plenty of empty split pods. According to a list of web sites, the puffy shapes are Ant-houses.
Have to keep an eye on that....
Orbea longidens
This is one of a group of small succulent rooted cuttings, purchased in the Spring from The flowers measure about one and a half to two inches in diameter and they are not stinky at all, unlike the Orbea variegata (whew). The tiny black flies, which lingered    (since the last flowering?) about this pot and I had thought I had eradicated them, are back. Those must be the pollinators, since I can't find any rotten plant material nearby. For the time being, I moved the tray outside.
Flies or not, the flowers are beautiful!
see below -