May 11. 2007

Neofineta falcata  - Fuukiran
var. Shutenno, Benisuzume and Onami Seikai

In the evening the flowers of these are strongly Vanilla scented, laced a bit with some very pretty floral scents, reminiscent of perhaps some Lilac and Violets in the case of Shutenno and Benisuzume, while Onami Seikai also reminds me of some Coconut lifesaver candies. I think the scent changes a bit over the course of the evening and is simply wonderful.
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var. Shutenno

and a view from the other side

var. Benisuzume

var. Onami Seikai

a view from the back to show the pretty connection points of the leaves -

(Darwinara Charm xVf Virgil) x V. Blue Sky
I should mention that the flowers opened a very blue, a few days later the color intensified and added reddish tones. No scent is observed at any time.

The plant grew nicely over the next 2 years, adding more blooms.
and more in June 2009 folder

Onami Seikai and (D. Charm x Vf Virgil) x V Blue Sky

Shutenno (left) and Benisuzume