Ascocentrum curvifolium

May 2008 and more pics in this folder from June 2007
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Cattleya schilleriana
I bought a small plant mailorder from Countryside Orchids in 2002! I did miserably with the little thing, it was subjected to the dreaded white scale one Summer and in general seemed to have a hard time.
So a couple of years later I saw another, nicer looking but also smallish C. schilleriana at the NY Orchid Show in April I picked it up too. ( from Gold Country Orchids)
Both plants grew very slowly, but they refused to flower. I saw much smaller plants than mine flowering. Last Winter ( after I dumped out most Orchid bark still around the roots, so that they now attached themselves more a less to the clay pots) I placed them in the greenhouse right under the ceiling glass. They got maximum exposure to the sun just like my Rhyncholaelia digbyana.
I flooded both plants daily, but now they dried up fairly quickly.
Both plants produced 2 spikes this Winter. The flowers are very nicely scented.

Kefersteinia tolimensis

Rossioglossum williamsianum