May 19. 2006

Epidendrum parkinsonianum

Bought in September 2005 (probably from Hoosier Orchids, I lost the tag.) I thought the plant itself was interesting.

I didn't expect to see flowers already this Spring, so this was a nice surprise.
They are really showy, see below.
Trichopilia tortilis  ( Andy's Orchids at the GNYOS in 2005)

I had bought it flowering, very cute!! This  "plant on a slab" produced three new growths last Fall, but I noticed that two of them didn't mature properly. ( mushy growth) I moved the plant into a brighter spot, where it received good filtered light, and the third pseudobulb grew just fine. I could imagine a Trichopilia growing high up in a tree getting a good rain shower, which is followed by sunlight filtered through the leaves. A nice breeze moves any stagnant air away?
Dendrobium aggregatum (lindleyi)

The first of four spikes started to open yesterday.
I grow this plant in full sun without any protection to avoid lanky spikes. It gets flooded daily with rainwater.
Ornithocephalus inflexus
This is another teensy little charmer, the whole spike measures about 4 inches and the individual flowers are about 5 mm in size.
2 spikes

(tough to get a clear picture...need to bring out the tripod)
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