Some repeats, some new -

Ascocenda Fuchs Joy flowering every year  in Spring.
Vuylstekeara Aloha Passion 'Hot # 7'  
Phal. Salu Spot x Phal. (Golden Sun-Golden Peoker-Salu Beauty)
from Hausermann/ Chicago in Sept. 2004 -
it has been flowering continuously since then, a beautiful plant and showy flowers. 2 spikes
Phal. Henry Rothman 'Cherry Canary'
one of my  "old" favorites, it flowers most of the time.  The leaves look terrible, crickets had feasted on the new leaves last Summer outside.
Disa California Gold x Bountiful

A new beauty!

Bought at the GNYOS this year in bud.
I am branching out here a little -
Disas are intolerant of poor quality water. Since I water my plants with rainwater, I can hopefully keep this truly beautiful plant happy....

See the close up of the gorgeous flowers below -
May 10. 2005
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