May 5. 2004
Bulbophyllum lobbii (bataanense)
I bought the plant at least a year ago from Andy's Orchids. I learned last Summer that growing the plant too shady causes the new growth to rot. I removed the dead tissue and it produced a clean pseudobulb this Winter under fairly bright warm conditions with some direct sun in the afternoon and daily waterings with rainwater.  The really neat flower below emerged from an older growth. It measures about 2.5 inches across. Speckles and Stripes and a wiggly lip, it is a beauty!

see more pictures of these flowers in
December 2006 exploring the hinged lip.
A shot across the greenhouse, the Adenium obesum is flowering nicely. There is also the Orbea variegata flowering in a hanging pot above.
And if one looks closely, a Rhyncholaelia digbyana is growing in the teak-basket across.

See below yesterday's picture of a close up of the large showy digbyana flower. It has a strong citrusy scent in the evening.
I am growing this plant for about 5 years. From early on it was a nice plant with many pseudobulbs, but for me it just sat there, growing new pseudobulbs every year but refusing to flower. Finally last Spring I moved the plant from a clay pot to the teak basket, and it came out of retirement last July and produced one beautiful flower. This Winter I placed the basket near the heater outlet so it dried up fairly quickly in the warm air stream after it got watered. I keep the digbyana always in full sun. 
And some more shots around the greenhouse -
there are the red clusters of the Epi Hokulea 'Lava Flow' mixed with the long Epiphyllum oxypetalum  pads. The picture on the right shows one of the beautiful large flowered pink Eu. X lomi/ Thai Giants and the large leaves of  a Jatropha podagrica in front of it. Also Pach. baronii  is still flowering happily. On the bottom right is a Brighamia insignis, it is just starting to leaf out as it does every Spring. It has not flowered for me yet. 
And again the pretty Ascocenda Fuchs Joy flowering on schedule
Masd. Canary X Angel Tang amongst the little gems.