March 2009

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Dendrobium Nestor (superbum/anosmum x parishii) The flowers have the typical anosmum scent of sweet Raspberries.
This is a first bloom for me.

Dendrobium tetragonum var. giganteum ( from Silva Orchids in Jan. 2009)

Lepanthopsis astrophora 'Stalky' ( from Parkside Orchids at the 2008 SEPOS)     The tiny blooms are really cute. I grow this one in a community Epiweb basket.       

Lc Rojo - two beautiful spikes this year

Laelia lundii x Epidendrum longipetalum

Slc Matthew's Gem 'Akane'

Dendrobium moniliforme 'Hakutsuru'/White Crane  - flowering February into March