March 3. 2006

Lc Rojo is flowering again. This year the spike shot up to about one and a half foot before the buds started to open.
I took the first picture in the sunny greenhouse and the second one a few days later with a flash.
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Baptistonia echinata

I had some small plants of this many years ago, but I always lost them after they had flowered.
Here I am trying again, this time under greenhouse conditions/ rainwater
Hopefully I do better this time.

A mini Bee-swarm!!

See the closer look below.
Bl Morning Glory 'H&R'
This is an easy, reliable bloomer, never missing a year. Two spikes are now open and two more are developing.
Ascocentrum christensonianum,

One just has to take some flower pictures after they had been watered ?
Drippy and very cute!

below a dry spike a few days later -