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March 8.2004

Aerangis fastuosa
this little Orchid belongs to the group of the pretty Christmas presents
mentioned here.
I have been watering it twice a day with rain water and given it a little Peters 10-50-10 once in a while. Light conditions were the same as for Masdevallias and Pleurothallis.
Scaphosepalum gibberosum

This plant flowered through all of last Winter, but I never got a decent picture of the weird flowers. The strange creature below actually appeared on last year's spike and measures about one and a half inches. And more creatures are in the works....
See below the close ups, taken with my Nikon 5700:
I wouldn't call it beautiful, it looks more like something got eaten by what?
And sideways - it doesn't improve
And for the final frontal view, the camera shows more details than I could see with the naked eye.
Just a small flower section of one of my favorite faithful repeat bloomers -
Lc Fire Dance 'Patricia'
It is opening 11 clusters this year and looks beautiful. ( I broke an additional one, boohoo)