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Trichopilia fragrans  ( also from the famous Pueblo Hotel Garden)
Masdevallia veitchiana  ( photo was taken at the Pueblo Hotel Garden)
Machu Picchu Orchids etc           

These  pictures were taken on our recent trip to Peru around the middle of February in 2001
This impressive flower cluster is part of several  tall Epidendrums, about  three meters in height, encountered on the Inca trail leading to the Sun Gate
pretty Epis, in shades of pink and red to orange.
Elleanthus was growing on many slopes, also lots of ....      see below
Looking downwards from one of the trails -  another beautiful  flowering Orchid
It was tentatively identified as Cyrtochilum (orgyale?)  by Dr. Rolando
This is perhaps Anacheilium vespa. It  was blooming on several slopes at Machu Picchu and  in the Pueblo Hotel Garden, where this photo was taken.
close up below -
This could be Epidendrum paniculatum or bambusiforme
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