January 11, 2005
Laelia anceps
The Laelia anceps started to spike at the end of Summer. The spikes took their sweet time to mature.
I watered the spikes and especially the developing sheaths later on twice a day, to soften the sticky glue surrounding the buds. Otherwise they get stuck and have to be freed with the help of a scissor. Even that isn't always enough to prevent the flowers from emerging poorly. Under my growing conditions it was "water water water", not just the bark, but the inside ceiling of the greenhouse above the plant as well and the spikes.
It is worth it!!! The flowers are gorgeous!! see  two close ups below.
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January 27. 2006
Again, these beautiful flowers were months in the making, but they are well worth the wait.
This plant produced one spike in early Fall and three more spikes after that.
I took this photo below with a flash!  And here are a two more pics, I really enjoy this plant!
Without flash and one more