December 9.2004
Laelia autumnalis v atrorubens   ( from Andy's Orchids)
Grown in full sun.
Not just the plant, but the developing spikes were watered twice a day, trying to prevent the flower buds from sticking together. It worked, they opened this time without a problem.
Schomburgkia superbiens  ( also from Andy's)
Last year I may have kept the plant too shady. Over the Summer in 2003 it grow a large pseudo bulb but didn't flower. During the Winter months the plant produced thick white roots clinging to the branch.

This Summer the Schomburgkia was hanging in
The Cage (backyard) in full sun. It put on new growth and by mid Summer started to spike. And the spike grew visibly from day to day. Again, twice a day waterings ( plant AND spike) with rain water and fertilizer added once in a while, were part of the care.
The straight spike itself measured 46 inches when the cluster finally split and the flowers opened, the cluster is about one foot long.

This plant needs full sun and buckets of water to grow and flower and also needs lots of room/ a high ceiling.

Below is the just opened cluster, the flowers haven't totally unfurled yet.
I will try to get some pictures during daytime hours.
One of the beautiful clusters below -