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Laborday weekend 2003
As we drove up our driveway in Pennsy, four Turkey hens walked slowly in front of us and disappeared into the bushes as the car came close. I did not get their picture, but I was able to get a clear shot of another interesting bird which has taken an interest in our frog population. They squeal and jump into the water whenever this bird approaches, I wonder why...
This interesting nest was built about two yards away from our picnic table, it is about two feet long. The insects seem to be gentle and don't bother us at all. Googling the "black and white  Hymenoptera" I came up with :
Dolichovespula maculata - the Bald-Faced-Hornet.
I am looking for corrections?
How is this contraption going to survive the winter?
Here is a close up of the entrance
And, coming back home to NJ, the Dendrobium unicum had opened sufficiently so I could take some pictures. The plant flowers on last season's growth and looks like dried sticks throughout most of the year. The flowers are cute and smell of Apricot and Peaches during sunny afternoons.
I purchased this plant two years ago from Andy's Orchids.
And the close up below: