October 13. 2004   

C. Chocolate Drop  'Kodama'
I purchased C. Chocolate Drop 'Kodama'
in the Spring from Odom's Orchids.

The plant was moved right away into fresh bark and a new basket. Since the roots would have been difficult to remove from the plastic without damaging them, I carefully removed only the lower part of the pot.
Three new leads formed over the Summer and new roots attached themselves to the wood and spread out.

The plant spent the Summer outside in fairly bright light and was subjected to lots of downpours.
This is the first bloom of three flower clusters.

See the beautiful very glossy and fragrant  flowers below.

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October 27. 2004
Blc Dennis Kone 'Lakeview' AM/AOS    ( C. Chocolate Drop X Painter's Brush)
The flowers are very fragrant.

This one came from Waldor Orchids - October 2003