November 30. 2006
Kalanchoe luciae ssp. luciae

I learned that this is not Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (or as it is misspelled frequently K. thyrsifolia.)

I had planted this Spring a nice Talavera- Strawberry pot with various Succulents and picked this Kalanchoe as a focal point for the center.
The planter did well over the Summer and I enjoyed it a lot.
( Although I noted occasional Squirrel bites, since I kept the planter on the deck, grrr.)
In October it became time to bring the planter inside. I noticed the Kalanchoe really growing upwards and I thought it might be ready to spike. I had never seen one in flower, so I was hoping I could keep it going inside.
I placed it into the sunroom ( No room in the greenhouse, the pot is large.) in front of the East window under an additional grow light. As I am typing this, the stalk measures about 6 foot and it is flowering!!
I learned that the plant will die once it flowers, but I noticed a lot of small offsets along the lower part of the spike.
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Here is the planter in July -
- and in October
a closer look at the flowers below
The flowers are mainly white with just a haze of yellow.