June 19. 2006
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Dendrobium aberrans (x ?)

Picked up a few years ago -
this plant could be a very cute windowsill Orchid, it stays small. It  produces more than one spike per new growth and so flowers several times throughout the year.

A closer look at the pretty flowers below -
Acanthephippium mantinianum

The first time I heard of an
Acanthephippium was last Spring at the World Orchid Conference in Dijon. A weird looking Orchid with an even stranger name? An interesting post last June on Dave's Garden showed another plant with several flowers, this one was mantinianum.  So when I saw a plant offered last September at the Chicago Orchid Fest ( Oak Hill Gardens), I decided to try my hand at one.
Here it is flowering!! I am reminded of two small strange baby birds yelling "feed me"? The flowers are fragrant.

I have been growing this Orchid fairly bright, it was getting almost full sun during the afternoon hours in Winter.
Encyclia lancifolia
This is perhaps one of my oldest plants. A few years ago I split the plant into four clumps, I kept one. It is now  flowering away in the cage.
Another repeat bloomer -   Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz