June mix 2005

The Epiphyllum oxypetalum has been busy this month, we got two or three flowers a few days in a row. I have posted them many times, but these are somewhat unusual. I took these pictures on June 17. at 6:30am. Sometimes on cooler mornings they stay open a little longer than usual. The temperature on the deck was 58 degr F and the flowers had the early sunshine on their faces. Pretty!
A variegated Hoya kerrii   -   it followed me home in the fall of last year.
I have been growing it together with my sun loving orchids, it is now flowering in the cage outside.
Opuntia patch in our backyard

This patch is growing and flowering in the same spot for the last 25 years.
Knowing the origin of the plant - after a lot of checking I came to the conclusion that this is most likely O. humifusa.

See below the close up.
Unidentified Sempervivum - most likely Sempervivum tectorum.
This is one of those pretty pots of "Hens and Chicks" one finds at local nurseries. This is sitting on our front steps flowering along.
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